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 "Horse and Buddy says yes when so many other places in their lives may say no."
Volunteer Survey 2021

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The Horse and Buddy program depends on the generous financial support of many caring individuals, businesses and other benefactors. We need your help to carry out our mission. All contributions are tax deductible.

Your dollars help to...
• Support our facility
• Offset the cost of our riding.
    (Riding fees cover less than 40% of our costs.)
• Buy equipment for our program.
• Buy grain and hay for our horses.
• Fund continuing education and conferences.

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Horse and Buddy Store

We have beautiful new artisan mugs for sale for $30/each. They are hand crafted by Amy Bishop of Sawdust and Clay Collaborative. Choose your color and buy yours now! Note that turnaround time from order to barn is approximately 3 weeks. We will notify you when they are ready. All mugs must be picked up at the Horse and Buddy facility in New Hill, unless prior arrangements have been made. 

Hint: if you want multiple colors, choose one, click add to cart, then choose continue shopping.

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