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Our Horses

"Honestly, just having somewhere that offers horseback riding for people with special needs is amazing. I never thought it would be possible for her to ride a horse, much less in an environment where I KNOW the staff/volunteers understand her needs." 

 Parent Survey 2022

Your sponsorship funds the cost of one horse for one month - including grain, hay, supplements, farrier, and average vet costs!  You can become a Horse & Buddy Hero by funding a partial sponsorship (recurring monthly donation in any amount). Your sponsorship will include a thank you note from your horse, photos of your horse in action in the program, social media recognition, and your name on their stall for the month of sponsorship!  

Breed:  Belgian Draft Horse

Color:  Chestnut

DOB:  2003

Gender:  Gelding

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  Trail Horse

Favorite Treat:  Gatorade

Most Likely to...  Break fence boards with a single push, we think he might know Karate!

Did you know?  Jagg loves to drink water directly from the hose.

Sponsor Jagg for a month:  $250

Horse and Buddy Hero:  Intelligent Development Corporation




Breed: Quarter Horse

Color:  Bay

DOB:  2003

Gender:  Mare

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  Western Pleasure Show Horse

Favorite Treat:  All of them

Most Likely to...  Convince Jagg to share his hay

Did you know?  Emma was IHSA Horse of the Year in 2019.

Sponsor Emma for a month:  $400


FG sky.jpg

Breed: Paint

Color: Chestnut/White

DOB:  2000

Gender:  Mare

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  "has done it all" lessons. trail rides. etc.

Favorite Treat:  Carrots

Most Likely to...  Be sleeping flat out in her pasture.

Did you know?  Frosty Girl got her name because she was born on a cold winter day in the NC mountains.

Sponsor Frosty Girl for a month:  $400

Frosty Girl

Apache (1).jpg


Breed: Appaloosa

Color:  Sorrel/White

DOB:  2005

Gender:  Gelding

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  Lesson Horse

Favorite Treat:  Peppermints

Most Likely to...  Call for his friends

Did you know?  Apache is not the biggest, but is the bossiest of the pasture!

Sponsor Apache for a month:  $300

Finn 1.jpg


Breed: Miniature Horse

Color:  Bay

DOB:  2005

Gender:  Mare

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  Driving, 4H

Favorite Treat: Any of them

Most Likely to...  Steal your heart

Did you know?  Finn's first field trip away from H&B was to a brewery!

Sponsor Finn for a month:  $200



Breed: Westphalian Warmblood

Color:  Bay

DOB:  2006

Gender:  Gelding

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  Hunter/Jumper Show Horse

Favorite Treat: Apache's feed (he tries to sneak in to sample it on the way to his own stall).

Most Likely to...  Be the most handsome dude at the party.

Did you know?  Colby has a passport.

Sponsor Colby for a month:  $400

Snickers 1.jpeg


Breed: Paint

Color:  Paint

DOB:  2010

Gender:  Gelding

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  Amish Cart Horse

Favorite Treat: NOT Fruit by the Foot!

Most Likely to... Be Robin to Colby's Batman

Did you know?  Snickers was our first purchase with our unicorn fund!

Sponsor Snickers for a month:  $250

Georgia face.jpg


Breed: Belgian Draft

Color:  Chestnut

DOB:  2006

Gender:  Mare

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  Trail horse in Minnesota

Favorite Treat: Have you seen my size?  Give me ALL THE TREATS!

Most Likely to... Star in a Loreal mascara ad with her long beautiful eyelashes

Did you know?  Georgia did some mounted shooting in her former life!

Sponsor Georgia for a month:  $300


Peppy face.jpg

Breed: Welsh Cross

Color:  Bay

DOB:  1999

Gender:  Mare

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  Show pony

Favorite Treat: Anything I can steal from Finn

Most Likely to... hide from the paparazzi in her big pink sunglasses

Did you know? Peppy prefers to go on a brief walkabout around the facility before coming in for breakfast

Sponsor Peppy for a month:  $250



Breed: Appendix Quarter Horse

Color:  Flea bitten grey

DOB:  1999

Gender:  Gelding

Occupation before coming to Horse & Buddy:  Show/lesson horse

Favorite Treat: All of them!

Most Likely to... follow in Scout's large hoof steps.  He's a GOOD guy!

Did you know?  Tucker's goal in life is to be a paint horse.  He's ALWAYS rolling in mud!

Sponsor Tucker for a month:  $425



Breed/Color/DOB/Gender/Etc: Unicorn

Horse and Buddy is looking for great horses, and they are hard to find these days!  For the first time, we are looking at horses that are for sale.  We still require a 60-day trial, and they have to be unicorn quality for us to make this investment.  We would love any donation you choose to make to our unicorn fund!  

Our Next Unicorn

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