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Our Horse and Buddy Heroes

"Everyday something special at Horse & Buddy is a reminder of kindness" 

 Volunteer Survey 2021

What is a Horse and Buddy Hero?  It's someone who chooses to contribute financially to Horse and Buddy every month.  These recurring donations help sustain the program by giving us a bit more certainty of our funding!  We encourage you to join the others on this page and become a Hero. Every dollar counts!

Click the "Become a Hero" button, then select the "Make this a Monthly Donation" checkbox to join our list of heroes!

Current Heroes:

  • The Reidy Family               

  • Barb Mason

  • Connie Stein

  • Intelligent Development Corporation

  • Ben Smith

  • John Lancaster

  • Laura Renshaw

  • Katy Allen

  • Tucker Johnson

  • Sharon Langdon

  • Laura Huddleston

  • Wayne Boston

  • Glen Dyer

  • Dawn Howard

  • Phillip Edwards

  • Margaret Escobar

  • Gary and Hope Colen

  • Kim Blue

  • Michelle Maloney

  • The Sparano Family

  • Margaret Crevar

H&B Hero Sticker.jpg

Current Heroes:

  • Doug and Maureen Eaton

  • Liz Guzman

  • Thomas and Jeanne Whittlesey

  • Lynn Feller

  • Mary Beerman

  • Aparna Kumar

  • Finley Bolt

  • Clark Huff

  • Larry and Deb Elmore

  • Mary Jo Coffin

  • Barbara Hegarty

  • Jane Harris

  • Michelle Partridge-Doerr

  • Mary Jane Viparina

  • Mary Curran

  • The Renck/Goel family

  • David and Ginny Harris

  • Marcus Bunn

  • Carol Pemberton

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