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Mindfulness Retreat

Is your day a never-ending blur of deadlines, to-dos, and commitments? 


Have you come to view self-care as a luxury? 


The Horse & Buddy Mindfulness Retreat offers you a time and place to step back and connect with yourself and others in the company of an animal whose honest nature demands the same of us. 


Along with other retreat participants, you will join us for a morning or afternoon of activities designed to facilitate reflection on our daily practices, our relationships with others, and our values versus our actions

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As highly social prey animals, horses demonstrate what it means to live in the moment, have clear intentions, and function as a member of a group. 


Horse & Buddy offers activity customization to accommodate your group’s needs, interests, and schedule. We look forward to exploring the options with you. It is our goal that you leave the retreat refreshed and empowered to invite quiet moments of reflection into your day-to-day life. 


If you are interested in finding out about upcoming Mindfulness Retreats or scheduling a Mindfulness Retreat for your group, please contact

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