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On January 12, 2019, after a tough battle with colic, we made the agonizing decision to let our beloved pony, Peanut, cross over the rainbow bridge.  All of our horses are special, but Peanut was a superstar. He was the first pony for so many of our riders, because he was completely trustworthy. He wasn't perfect, but you could always forgive his naughtiness because he was just so darned cute. He has left a hole in many of our hearts, and will be remembered and missed as the champion that he was. In his lifetime, Peanut married the love of his life, appeared in a reality TV show, greeted guests at our gala, met the Budweiser cowboy Don Jeanes, taught many of us how to do natural horsemanship, and won PATH Horse of the Year for NC, SC, VA, and WV. Most importantly, he helped hundreds of riders experience the true joy and reward of therapeutic horseback riding. 

Favorite Peanut Memories and Comments

  • The very first ride for more than 225 riders in the past 10 years!
    • Jessica​ - Sending you hugs and kisses
    • Madison - We are so sad to hear this😢 
    • Luke - Oh, we are so sad to hear this news! 
    • Saanvi: She loved Peanut. So heartbroken. Best horse. RIP Peanut.
  • Lynsay/Hana:  So sad to hear this. He was a beautiful old man and will be missed terribly.
  • Shelley/Cooper:  Our family is so sad. Peanut was very special to Cooper (and all of us). Many prayers to those of you who had to make the tough decision.
  • Instructor Jessica: On 6/9/2012, I began my journey toward becoming a PATH instructor on my first day as a volunteer with Horse and Buddy. Peanut was my first equine partner as well as the first one of the herd that I rode. His passing leaves a hole in my heart 💔
  • Ken - What a fine fellow he was. A gentleman, with a streak of mischief, which made him all the more endearing. He was loved by all and he gave love and affection in return. Thank you for giving him such a great place to spend his years and to fulfill his mission as one of God's blessed creatures.  I will miss him very much. 
  • Carrie:  Peanut was a superpony. While he threatened to nip the leaders because he was sweetly contrary, he was infinitely patient with his riders. Such a smart and good little soul.
  • Kathy:  He was one in a million 
  • Karley:   I volunteered for a few years and Peanut was an amazing pony and made so many kids and adults so happy! I know he will be truly missed 
  • Laura:  Sweet Peanut ❤️ he was my first friend when I began volunteering with Horse and Buddy. Such a tender spirit.
  • Heather:   He had such a wonderful life at Horse and Buddy and was so very loved. It will be so difficult to find another quite like him. ♡♡
  • Anna:  He has quite the legacy behind him of having been such an amazing friend to so many. I miss bareback trail rides this this fellow 🙂 He has touched so many lives.
  • Kristin:  We’ve just joined the Horse and Buddy family, but Peanut was already a favorite of Rachel’s.
  • Laureen:  What a wonderful man he was. A true gift to so many. We will see you again one day dear Peanut. RIP. 
  • Laura/Emma:  You were well loved, Peanut. ❤️
  • Instructor Melissa:   My favorite memory of that munchkin: during a lesson, he sneezed. His young rider thought it was hilarious, and cracked up. She then leaned forward, tapped him on the neck, and said "Hey Peanut! Achoo!" Peanut sneezed again. She laughed, leaned forward, tapped him, and said "Hey Peanut! Achoo!" They "sneezed" back and forth at each other for one whole lap of the ring. He always went the extra mile to take care of his riders, even play sneezing to make them laugh. I am heart broken over his loss.
  • Christy: He was the first one to come running up to me and put his head under my hand. I enjoyed grooming Peanut and will miss him a lot 😢.
  • John: Peanut was an amazing horse that helped so many children throughout his life. He was indeed a superstar, and a brightly shining one at that. I know he will truly be missed by all of you at Horse and Buddy, and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Rest easy and ride free in that big, grassy meadow in the sky, dear Peanut.
  • Elianna:  Peanut was a special pony! He was the one I rode every week! I had so fun with him! I will miss him every Friday!
  • Bronwyn: I haven’t made it to horse and buddy in years but Peanut was the greatest. Every barn would be blessed to have one just like him. This breaks my heart.
  • Gretchen:  He will be so missed!!! Rest In Peace little buddy. You taught and helped so many little riders.
  • Michelle:  Peanut was such a ham. I'll miss that sweet, goofy pony so much.
  • Kay: Peanut Is every Childs dream pony. He was truly loved by all. A very important part of Horse and Buddy's team. You will be missed. Peanut.
  • Connie  Peanut shared a special beauty and joy. I will hold his memory always in my heart with gratitude and love.
  • Mike:  Peanut was the first horse that Anna rode. She could barely walk on her own, but she could ride Peanut. She wasn't always happy about it, but he put up with her crying, rocking back and forth, and even sometimes sleeping while she rode him. It was a sad day for us when she "graduated" to one of the bigger horses, and Peanut always held a special place in our heart as Anna's first horse. 
  • Jeremy: I will miss that little guy with the big heart. 
  • Casey: Peanut had so much spunk and personality and will be missed so much.
  • Kathy: You know how very sorry I am for your devastating loss - I appreciate you all for the outstanding care you give every pony and horse there - I am a pony person at heart and I hate that they all can't live forever..……he was so very special 
  • Stephanie: Our family definitely shed some tears today. He was so great. I can still remember how impressed we felt that he made her feel so comfortable and how much she talked while riding him when she didn’t talk otherwise. He was a true blessing. So glad we knew him. 💙
  • Peter:  I miss Peanut. I love him. I really liked riding him. We made a good team!
  • Dive Bombing for grass. BOY were his neck muscles strong!
  • Any time he swung his stall window open as if to say "PAY ATTENTION TO ME!" Often made better by his uncanny timing as he hit an instructor in the head with the window.
  • The reality TV show. Once again proving his superstar-dom as cameras and lights and microphones swung around his head while he carried a young rider into her birthday party.

  • His chunkier early days when he tried to walk between 2 trees at Prancing Horse and wound up completely stuck.



RIP Peanut; we love and miss you.  

If you are interested in honoring Peanut's memory by donating to help Horse and Buddy with some of the vet costs incurred during his battle, please click the button below. 

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