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Team Building

Are you looking for something “out of the box” and memorable to help develop your team? 


Horses are the perfect facilitator and teacher. As herd-bound prey animals, horses’ lives in the wild depend on clear and fair leadership and a high sensitivity to non-verbal cues. 


Horses are experts in reading subtle cues in human body language, presence, emotional resolve, and intent and respond accordingly.  


Working directly with horses allows your team to get real time, honest, non-judgmental feedback about how their actions impact others on the team.


No previous horse experience is expected, and all horse interactions will be on the ground with no riding. 

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Activities could include observing a herd to reflect on your own “herd” dynamic; working together as a team to solve a problem with the horse as a partner in the process; and improving executive presence, leadership, personal communication, and interpersonal strategies through real-time feedback from the horse. 


We will work with you to craft a fun, customized team-building event that brings to light your team’s unique development needs and provides a space to process and strengthen new skills. Prior to the event each participant will complete a confidential, individual assessment of the team which will be used to develop team building activities unique to your team. 


All activities suitable for individuals with physical impairments or limitations.


Team building is perfect for large and small business teams, non-profit organizations, friend groups, and families. In order to have an impactful, intimate experience we recommend a team no larger than 12.


If you are interested in Team Building for your group, please contact

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